Bright Horizons International Preschool Dubai

Care for children aged 6 months to 6 years,Offer carefully designed learning zones, innovative facilities, and a spacious outdoor to explore

With 14 learning indoor and outdoor learning spaces which allows the kids to move around the preschool and experience a range of different activities daily

Kids furniture and playground supplier: Cowboy Group China.

The Dahman Kindergarten in Saudi Arabia

In my impression, our kindergarten likes to “pile” all kinds of colors together. In fact, exposing children to too many colors and patterns at an early age will easily destroy their cognition of beauty. The biggest function of kindergarten is not to cultivate knowledge, but to cultivate and release imagination.

Little Wonders Montessori Australia

After we pay attention to space design, we gradually understand that design can change people’s moods in space. Whether the design of a kindergarten is bright and wide affects the physical and mental health of children. We can also see the educational concept advocated by the kindergarten space design.

The designer of the kindergarten must think about how to carry out teaching activities in order to put the kindergarten into practice. Behind the scenes, they act as parents, educators, architects, and so on.

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