Childcare Classroom Design

Childcare centers are for children aged 3month to 6 years .The childcare center is designed as a transition for children from home to school. Through the close cooperation between parents and teachers, children can gradually get rid of anxiety and leave their parents. The teacher supports children’s natural development with respect and gentleness and encourages children to be independent. Children in small classes begin to lay the foundation for future development. They gradually form their own personalities, establish life goals, develop social skills, and begin their learning journey.

Preschool Classroom Design

The preschool classroom design is to let children have better learning and growth of the place. Early childhood education does not depend on how much knowledge the child has learned, but rather cultivates interest in learning and develops good behavior habits. The design goal of the preschool classroom set up is to assist teachers in educating children,because children in this age group are relatively weak in safety awareness and do not have a clear understanding of learning. The design of child care centers should take into account a variety of factors, such as courses of study, children’s age, space planning, child care center culture, etc. Incorporating the above elements into the design, the entire child care center will be more vigorous.

Kindergarten Classroom Design

Kindergarten classroom design has an important impact on preschoolers,The preschoolers are a key stage in the development of human social behavior, emotion, character, cognition, etc. It is also the fastest and most plastic period in a person’s life. The kindergarten is an important living space for children. The environment of the kindergarten is very important for the growth of children and affects the healthy development of children. Therefore, the design of kindergarten classroom design and kindergarten project ideas should also be given more attention.

“The Montessori classroom design is based on the Montessori education method to provide children with rich teaching aids, create sufficient space and time, so that children can find ways to get along with themselves at an early age, learn how to deal with and accept emotions, and walk into the Meet the “”secret”” space of the inner self.

A Montessori classroom provides children with an environment suitable for development (free environment, sufficient space, rich teaching aids, and focused work) to help children develop their movements, language, intelligence, willpower, and emotions.

Montessori Classroom Design

Play School Interior Design

The interior decoration design of play school kindergartens must first consider the limitations of children’s age. Whether it is design or decoration, it must be based on children’s psychology, thinking, and behavior. Therefore, the concept of decoration design for kindergartens should start from improving children’s psychology, enhancing children’s thinking ability and creativity, decorating children’s favorite styles, enriching the emotional foundation, and improving understanding.

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