K12 School Outdoor Playground,Thailand

K12 International School outdoor playground design is suitable for children aged 2-6 years old, covering the overall planning and design layout of the outdoor playground.The school’s outdoor playground mainly draws design elements from nature, including tree trunks, leaves, vines, monkeys, etc. At the same time, the fairy tale story between princess and prince is integrated into the main equipment to be the embellishment so that the kindergarten outdoor playground is full of mystery, dream, and adventure atmosphere to allow children to explore, entertain, and interact in the excellent outdoor playground.Furthermore, the outdoor playground for school adopts the green as the main color that conforms to the design theme of the playground and supplements some warm and soft colors to embellish the entire kindergarten outdoor playground.

The outdoor playground design is divided into multiple functional areas, and each functional area is equipped with corresponding outdoor playground equipment. At the same time, the outdoor playground of the kindergarten has a forest outdoor playground area, a swing area, a micro-geographic sensory integration area, and a sandpit area. Moreover, the school’s outdoor playground also includes a sandpit, some intelligent expansion equipment, multi-person swings, some micro-geographic sensory integration equipment, and a natural series outdoor playground with slides, climbing net combinations, music equipment, and educational games Chessboard equipment, etc.

Cowboy Group is the expert for kindergarten outdoor playground design, play school outdoor playground design, K12 international school outdoor playground design, and nursery outdoor playground design and it can provide clients with superior outdoor playground solutions that are beyond the customer’s imagination and are suitable for the budget, theme and requirement of the customer. Cowboy Group, located in Guangdong, China, has more than 20 years of experience in this field and has been committed to providing customers with one-stop services including sales, custom design, custom production, installation and after-sales service.

Brief introduction:The K12 international school outdoor playground design adopts nature, adventure, and fairy tales as the design theme and extracts the design elements from nature and fairy tales. Furthermore, the school’s outdoor playground is specially designed for children aged 2-6, creating a natural adventure outdoor playground full of mystery, fantasy, and adventure. In this kindergarten outdoor playground, children can get different amusement experiences brought by the various children’s outdoor play equipment. Denim Group, your private early childhood education customization expert, is worthy of your trust.

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