Daycare Indoor Soft Playground Design,Australia

Project Address:Australia

Suitable Age:2-6 years old young children

Australia Growth Center Toddler Indoor Playground was created by Cowboy Group by using the Montessori Education Philosophy and multiple design idea, and it was also designed focusing on the children’s physical and mental development characteristics and growing needs. Every area and every corner has undergone multiple considerations by the designer, and uses ingenious design and collocation to present an interesting, fun, beautiful and dreamy indoor soft playground for the kindergarten.

Overview Layout

Design Concept

When Cowboy designers began designing soft indoor playgrounds for young children, they applied a variety of design concepts, including space safety, overall design education, open floor plan design, and interesting space design.The design layout, supporting facilities and equipment, decoration, etc. of the entire indoor soft playground all reflect the implementation of the above design concepts.

Therefore, when designing the indoor soft playground for the kindergarten, the Cowboy designers adopted a variety of color combinations and exterior shapes to establish an unobstructed and open functional zone. This kind of design allows children to carry out activities independently, actively establish social relationships with partners, exercise social skills, gain collective life experience, and cultivate sociability.At the same time, in the open space, children can choose activities that interest them, explore their own interests, and develop their own personalities.

Moreover, sharp places, corners and other places with potential safety hazards are packaged in soft bags to prevent children from being injured.

In addition, the designer took advantage of the height of the nursery activity room and adopted a multi-layer design to make the indoor soft playground look neat and well-organized.What’s more, a variety of shapes and colors of daycare indoor playground equipment are used in the daycare activity room to make the activity room look vibrant, increase the fun of play and interaction, and help develop children’s brain cognition of space and inspire imagination.

Amusement Areas and Matching Indoor Playground Equipment

The daycare indoor soft playground is divided into several functional areas including four role play areas, baby play area, wall game play areas, micro hill, wooden play house with climbing stuff and plastic slide, ball pool, ball throw game projection, sand pit, rainbow lob, train track area and so on.



The ball pool area in the kindergarten activity room is equipped with interactive play equipment for pitching games and a plastic slide connected to the wooden play house. Moreover, there are some small interactive indoor playground equipment in the center of the ball pool.




The picture contains two large-scale equipment, including soft micro-terrain mountain play equipment and a wooden toy house with climbing objects and slides, as well as some small micro-terrain play equipment and wall game interactive equipment.



There are many role-play rooms set up in the kindergarten indoor playground, which can bring different career experiences to children, improve their understanding of careers, and broaden their thinking. At the same time, these role play houses have many themes, such as locker rooms, hospitals, supermarkets, kitchens, etc.



The baby play area is an exclusive play area based on the physical and mental characteristics of young children, equipped with toy building blocks, teddy bears, and other indoor play equipment. At the same time, drilling and some climbing equipment are also added, which are more suitable for children’s lively and curious personality characteristics and meet their play needs.

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