High-end Daycare Center in Alberta, Canada

Project Size: Indoor Area 562㎡;Outdoor Area 120㎡

Suitable Age: 2-10 Years Old;Include After-school Care

High-end Daycare Center is built in Alberta, Canada, and consists of two areas including the indoor space and outdoor space, respectively covering an area of 562 square meters and 120 square meters. The high-end daycare design is especially for kids aged 2-10 years old and is to create a space integrating learning and entertainment for children based on the characteristics and usage requirements of childcare centers and the physical characteristics and needs of children’s growth. Here, children who attend classes in the childcare center will spend not only a fulfilling learning time but also a happy and wonderful amusement time.

Design Concept

Because the design venue is a daycare center and children who attend the childcare center will spend their time both learning and entertaining, therefore, combining the situation, the Cowboy Group Design team aims to build a comprehensive daycare center with multi-functions, allowing children to study and play in a superior school environment and grow more healthily and scientifically.

Two Design Zones

The daycare center has two design zones, respectively indoor space design and outdoor space design and meanwhile, the indoor space design is composed of several functional rooms, two early childhood classrooms of different age groups, and an indoor playground area.

Indoor Space Design

01/Preschool Classroom Design

The preschool classroom design is specially for kids of preschool age and the preschool classroom covering an area of 96 square meters can accommodate 34 kids at the same time. Furthermore, the preschool classroom design adopts an open layout without wall partitions, which allows children to choose the functional area of their interest, such as the reading area, building block area, etc.

02/Toddler Classroom Design

The early childhood classroom is suitable for kids of toddler age and covers an area of 76 square meters that can accommodate 26 kids to study at the same time. Moreover, the toddler classroom design applies the superior wooden nursery setting furniture and nature theme design concept, which conforms to the requirement of green, environment-friendly, and low pollution of the children’s environment.

03/Indoor Playground Zone Design

The indoor playground area is inserted into the classroom, so that those children finishing their homework, ending after-school tutoring, or desiring to have fun can relax, exercise their bodies, and enjoy wonderful amusement moments,and this design layout is beneficial for children to start their activities anytime. Besides, the indoor playground is made of pure wood and uses the wood color as the main color, which corresponds with the whole design style and indoor environment creation principle, giving children a warm and natural amusement environment.

04/Functional Rooms Design

This high-end daycare center has several functional rooms, containing the music classroom, reception room, wash room, and so on. Abundant choices of the function room can provide children with a more diverse school life.

Landing Pictures Of Indoor Space

Childcare Outdoor Playground Design

The childcare outdoor playground design implements the design concept of creating an outdoor playground close to nature that integrates sports, entertainment, and perception. Therefore, this preschool outdoor playground adopts the natural series products, and sets a lot of outdoor playground equipment with diverse functions, so that the daycare center outdoor playground can not only highlight its characteristics and theme but also meet the various needs of children of different ages. In this daycare center outdoor playground is equipped with a a tree house playground, mud kitchen role-play equipment, a seesaw, a sand pit,micro-geographic sensory integration equipment, and music sensory integration equipment. Moreover, the preschool outdoor playground is not only an amusement outdoor play area for kids but also an educational playground because this outdoor play area for kids contains some knowledge about geography, music, cooking, and natural things.

Landing Pictures of Outdoor Space

About Cowboy Group

Cowboy Group is a prominent Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality childcare furniture and playground equipment. With our exceptional products and comprehensive design services, we aim to provide tailored solutions to individuals and organizations planning to open new childcare centers or preschools.At Cowboy Group, we understand the critical importance of creating a safe, engaging, and stimulating environment for young children. With our extensive experience in the industry, we have developed a reputation for manufacturing premium childcare furniture and playground equipment that meet the highest international standards of quality, safety, and durability. Additionally, our design renderings accurately represent the real landing pictures, offering a compelling visual experience for your esteemed childcare center or preschool.

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