School Playground Equipment

Preschool Playground Equipment

Based on child psychology, kindergarten is the initial stage of children’s development, how to set up preschool playground equipment is very important. In preschool, all kinds of activities and facilities based on games will promote their psychological and physiological development. But not every amusement facility is suitable for children, and some may have bad effects on children’s physical and mental health development. What kind of preschool playground equipment facilities are suitable for placement in the preschool?

Preschool Playground Equipment​
Outdoor Playground Equipment For Preschool​

Outdoor Playground Equipment For Preschool

Outdoor playground equipment for a preschool, the first consider the size of the site and plan the overall amusement park design and facility configuration according to the site. Generally, kindergartens are divided into several areas: sports area, children’s recreation area, and fitness area. Sports areas can be equipped with a balance beam, arch door, ball, and other facilities. The children’s recreation area is equipped with a slide, seesaw, rocking horse, comprehensive rope climbing, and the fitness area is equipped with hula hoop and jump pole facilities.

Playground For Preschool

The numerous outdoor playground for preschool, many of them are age-limited, and the equipment suitable for playing is also different for children of different ages. Children between the ages of 0 and 2 are physically and physically in the infant stage, which is often referred to as the “babbling” stage, and have very weak self-protection. Here are the options: blocks, Legos, walkers, etc. Children between the ages of 3 and 6 are physically mature. Choose Combination slides, rock climbing, children’s outreach, etc. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 are very adventurous and have their own minds and want to explore according to their own ideas. Adventure equipment is optional.

Playground For Preschool​
Playground Designs For Schools​

Playground Designs For Schools

1. To meet the personalized needs of children of different ages, children of different ages have different exercise and learning content. Dividing product functional areas is more conducive to their integration, play, and healthy growth.

2. It is conducive to effectively controlling the cost and realizing the maximization of regional and product functions. After dividing the product function area, we can spend the least money to make the entertainment products in the function area rich and diverse, so as to give children a more varied and comprehensive entertainment experience.
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3: in line with the scientific configuration and safety rationalization of the principle requirements.With more suitable for children’s psychological, physical and healthy growth of scientific principles, a scientific combination of amusement products, so that children play safe and meaningful.

4. Highlight the rationality of planning and create a sense of spatial hierarchy. Product function area according to the terrain, terrain, and other organic distribution, so that the whole amusement park looks more three-dimensional, open, let children spend a wonderful childhood.

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