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Founded in 2003, Cowboy Group (Guangdong) Industrial Co., Ltd.  is located in Qingyuan,Guangdong Province. Cowboy is a leading manufacturer and supplier of preschool furniture, indoor playground equipment & outdoor playground equipment.  Cowboy integrating R & D, production, sales and installation service. Cowboy provide one-stop solutions to kindergarten, pre-school, childcare center, kids club, helping client set up a preschool or indoor play zone. Shepherding children and many design institutes, planning and design professionals work together to adhere to market-oriented to meet customer needs as its mission, focusing on creating the most creative and dynamic early years classroom, children’s indoor & outdoor activities play space design and product solutions. Bring sustainable happiness to children and inspire children’s creativity, imagination and cooperation.

After years of hard work and development, Cowboy has now become a well-known enterprise with a registered capital of 60 million yuan and an area of more than 35,000 square meters. It has four production bases, a large marketing center, a research and design center, and a large exhibition hall. , Haikou, Changsha, Nanchang, Guiyang, Wuhan, Nanning, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Shanghai opened 10 branches.

Cowboy always adheres to the “quality as the root, honesty, to the letter for the living” business philosophy, pay attention to product quality control. From the layout design ideas, to the shipping, installation, after-sales service, all aspects of the data will be entered in real-time customer management software, the implementation of full traceability of quality management. The company’s products have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health, and safety management system certification, the EU CE certification, the German national GS standard certification, China Compulsory Certification (CCC), and many other well-known domestic and international certification, Is an important member of China Education Equipment Industry Association, China Toys, and Baby Products Association, China Entertainment Machine Amusement Park Association and other industry important institutions. Company products are covered by Pacific Insurance Company.

Once glory has been harvested; the dream of the future is set to sail! Every Cowboy enjoys the joy of pursuing her dreams. Each shepherding boy is dedicated to creating Cowboy as a trusted childcare furniture & playground equipment brand in this industry with the ambition of creating history and serving the society

Main Service

In the 1990s. for the first time on the edge of the Pearl River. there was a company for the children’s amusement equipment enterprise. The scale was very small. only three or five people. It was this spark that ignites the power of the amusement industry in the south after several decades. the power of pursuing dreams created legends and a new era one after another children’s kingdom nowadays, even can’t play with the companion of oxen and frolic in the mountain and fields. they can have fun in a colorful and interesting modern amusement kingdom. 

Different is the environment. But the same is safety. joy and freedom. Eternal is the internal awakening of the children’s minds COWBOY GROUP never just do the business of toys but in the inheritance of happiness and growth!

group style

We are a professional design team decdicated to creating a top activity space for kids

Triangular Collaboration Model

The triangular collaboration model is the product of the transformation of the Cowboy Group from the previous personal solo to the construction of organizational capabilities. The triangular collaboration model is defined in the Cowboy Group as the Sales Manager responsible for the customer, the design manager responsible for planning and providing the solution, and the project manager for installation. They cover the most core three business systems. How to set up an efficient marketing team according to industry characteristics is the key to the success of a corporate marketing system.

The appeared of the triangle cooperation mode of the Cowboy Group is that the Cowboy Group discovers the problems of its own existence. The departments are in charge of each other, the communication between them is not smooth, the information is not shared, and the commitments of each department to the customers are inconsistent. When in contact with customers, each person only cares about their field of responsibility and will result in omissions in customer needs. The design scheme can not meet the customer’s requirements, and the serviceability can not be satisfactory. The demand for customers is a more passive response, it is difficult to actively grasp the deep-seated needs of customers.

Cooperate with the customer relationship, product, and design scheme, delivery, and installation services, set up a core management team for specific customer (Group) projects, realize the normalization of customer interface, and better help customers achieve business success.



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