Yihe Kindergarten in Shangqiu,Henan,China

Project Address: Shangqiu City, Henan Province, China

Suitable Age:2-6 years old young children

Project Size:29000 square meters

Yihe Kindergarten is located in Shangqiu City, Henan Province, China, a national historical and cultural city and one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization covering a total project area of 29000 square meters.The Cowboy Group design team comprehensively analyzed the demands and backgrounds for this project and insisted on promoting the traditional historical culture with “the Origin of the Yin and Shang Dynasties,” creating a phantasm landscape design to stimulate children’s curiosity and guide them to have the courage to try and explore the unknown. Meanwhile, Cowboy Group also improved the landing design according to the project itself and finally presented a satisfactory answer sheet to the customer.

Project Background

As Technology Powers become the main strategy of the Chinese economy growth, the Shangqiu City is not only carrying forward its traditional culture but also insists on integrating innovative ideas, planning innovative initiatives and forming innovative experiences in technology development, so as to respond to the call of the state actively.

Before designing and planning the project, the design team of Cowboy Group has a site inspection, measuring the practical planning area and conducting an analysis for site height difference, site microtopography, site construction status and site construction style, so that a perfect customized kindergarten is created.

Appropriate color matching helps the project planning to be more relevant to the theme, allowing children to have an immersive experience. The main color of the overall color matching of this project mainly comes from the color of the starry sky fantasy fairy tale series – blue, and will be embellished with some bright colors to increase the overall brightness. Therefore, the designers set the main colors to be blue, purple and orange, but also have some secondary colors such as green and yellow. Green is mainly the color of green plant elements, and yellow is the color of the surface of plants.

In addition, for the partition planning of the flag-raising platform and the green planting area, the design team of Cowboy Group considers the two elements of light and wind direction in the natural geographical factors, and the elements required by the two zones to select the best site.

Overall Design Solution Proposals

01/Overall Design Concept

The project of Shangqiu Yihe Kindergarten is to create an exclusive space-themed adventure world for kids, which allows them to explore and adventure on different theme planets and get different experiences in different regions. Besides, the project is devoted to creating a landscape design full of fantasy, so that it can bring a fairytale immersive experience and stimulate children’s curiosities to explore the unknown nature.

02/ IP Characters for the Project

Elf Shangshang is a sparkling elf living in Shangqiu. He is lively, cute, witty and careful. Inherited the fire culture of Shangqiu, he likes adventure, and has made many good friends in the kindergarten. Elf Qiuqiu is quiet and cute, smart and attentive, loves to study, and likes to explore unknown mysteries. She also has inherited the fire culture of Shangqiu, is careful, quiet, and dares to explore unknown mysteries. Because she likes to explore unknown things, she often goes on adventures with Yihe Kindergarten.Through building the large-scale children’s outdoor playground equipment in technology style, Elf Shangshang and Elf Qiuqiu as the main line characters of the science and technology fairy tale lead the children to explore and adventure each planet in the space playground.

03/Story Background

Elf Shangshang and Elf Qiuqiu, who are positive and willing to explore, come to the Galaxy Park for interstellar exploration with dreams in mind. The space is mysterious and beautiful, and lively Elf Shangshang and quiet Elf Qiuqiu cross layers of obstacles to adventure in the Milky Way. During the adventure, they made many friends in the park, passed through the big planet Bespin with their friends, crossed the interesting planet Hoth, and played happily in the Tatooine. At the same time, they lead the children to explore and adventure together in the galaxy and the children curiously climb on various planets to explore more secrets of outer space.

Customized Design Kindergarten Outdoor Play Area

In Shangqiu Yihe Kindergarten, the Yihe flying saucer adventure playground based on kindergarten positioning requirements and site characteristics is designed and created as a large-scale children’s outdoor playground that contains various outdoor playground equipment,including different kinds of slides, Climbing Nets Combination, Smart Expansion Equipment, Outdoor Swings, Megaphone Equipment, Role Play Area, Puzzle Panel Equipment, Music Game Equipment and so on. Furthermore, there are many outdoor playground equipment that match the theme of the kindergarten’s outdoor playground, for instance, Irregular Climbing Net For Outdoor Playground, Seesaws, Trampoline in Outdoor Playground Carpet, etc.

Furthermore, the space-themed outdoor playground of this project is designed into four functional areas, named Earth, Bespin, Hoth, and Tatooine. Moreover,according to the space theme, the dreamy colors of the starry sky are selected, with blue, purple, and orange as the main colors, supplemented by green and yellow.

The Landing Pictures for the Kindergarten Outdoor Playground

Customized Design Kindergarten Classroom Area

Shangqiu Yihe Kindergarten has several types of customized classrooms, containing Drawing Classroom, Craft Classroom, Situational Simulation Classroom, Standard Course Classroom, etc. Each kind of classroom design is on the basis of functions, usages, and features of the classroom and matches with premium childhood classroom furniture.

The Landing Pictures for the Kindergarten Classroom Area

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