Play School Outdoor Playground Design With Premium Kindergarten Outdoor Playground Equipment Supply

The playschool outdoor playground is composed of several functional areas and is equipped with many corresponding outdoor playground equipment. Meanwhile, it contains dinosaur playground sets, a rainbow walkway, a cherry playground, rocking horses, a microgeographic rocking point, microgeographic rainbow circles, microgeographic climbing ropes, microgeographic climbing nets, a metalled path, tents, salvia playground sets, music play equipment, double swing and so on. Here, children can experience different outdoor playground equipment and get different play experiences.

Play School Outdoor Playground Design With Premium Kindergarten Outdoor Playground Equipment Supply

This Play School Outdoor Playground Design is designed for nursery children and after full consideration of the project landing, the outdoor playground is equipped with various corresponding outdoor playground equipment. Because the site shape is square and the use of the group is the nursery kids, the outdoor playground equipment is placed in the whole venue so that each function can be matched on the ground.

When the Cowboy Group design team started to design the play school outdoor playground, it fully considered four aspects to create a perfect kindergarten outdoor playground for children. Firstly, since the site has completed the construction, it should keep the original pavement layer to the maximum degree and pay attention to the installation methods of the outdoor playground equipment. Secondly, the venue is relatively flat and is suitable for the placement of outdoor playground equipment, but it also needs to consider children’s play route. Thirdly, the equipment should be installed in the venue as far as possible to achieve the purpose of multiple amusement functions. Fourthly, when the outdoor playground equipment is installed on the site, it has to pay attention to the compatibility of the equipment and the site pavement, so that the outdoor playground looks not abrupt.

The designer of this play school outdoor playground believes that children are always full of curiosity about everything in the universe and they always sedulously explore the unknown mystery and secret of nature in their way. In addition, as they continue to touch, feel, and interact, the children will eventually get a profound insight that will be greeted with a surprised “I see.”









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Product Type Kindergarten Outdoor Playground Equipment Design
Material Solid wood, Plywood, Plastic, PVC, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass
Application International School,Kindergarten, Preschool, Daycare Center, Learning Center, Child Care Centre, Nursery School, Early Childhood Education Centre
Design Service Expert designer team help client do whole school project planning & classroom layout design.
Scientific layout, with different function corners,take full use of the space, help setting up your preschool literacy learning center,and gym area
All ages infant,toddler,preschool kids,pre-k children,6 weeks ,3 month baby,1-2 years,3-6 year,7-12 years children
Features Eco-Friendly, Children Friendly, Safety Insuranced, Creative, Customized Design
Certificates CE,TUV,GS,EN71,ISO9001,ISO18001,ISO14001
Installation 1. Offer On Site Installation Service    2. Provide Installation Instruction Drawings
Lead Time 20-35 Days
Payment Terms T/T, Cash, 30% deposit, balance be paid before shipment, after production
Warranty 1 year warranty, 2 years after sales service


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