Kindergarten Early Childhood Classroom Design and Nursery School Furniture Suppliers With Premium Nursery Setting Furniture

The kindergarten early childhood classroom design is from the design inspiration by curiosity and vision for the vast universe and adopts the Solar System as the design theme. In order to correspond with the space theme, the early childhood classroom, as one of the most important parts, integrates a lot of space elements into the classroom design and decoration. In addition, the preschool classroom is divided into six functional areas equipped with premium Montessori classroom furniture. Cowboy Group, the provided experts of high-end preschool education products, is your best choice.

Kindergarten Early Childhood Classroom Design and Nursery School Furniture Suppliers With Premium Nursery Setting Furniture

The design inspiration of the kindergarten early childhood classroom design originates from the curiosity and vision for the vast universe and the kindergarten classroom takes the journey of the solar system as the design theme. The Cowboy Group design team is devoted to constructing a starry land using the ultra-modern simple aesthetic, which provides children with a home full of future sense in the bustling city and the design integrates the study, amusement, natural ecology, and cultural heritage into a room, so as to create a diversified experience kindergarten with cultural atmosphere and artistry. Based on the design concept and design theme, the early childhood classroom uses cosmic blue as the main color, at the same time, it adds some elements of astronauts, planets, rockets, Milky Way, etc. into the classroom. Furthermore, the whole preschool classroom is equipped with high-quality nursery setting furniture that is made of premium wood and has the characteristics of low-pollution, green, and healthy for children.

The early childhood classroom is divided into six functional areas including the Concentrated Activity Area, Building Blocks Area, Lunch Break Area, Picture Books Area, Role Play Area, and Art Area. In the preschool custom classroom, children can experience many different kinds of functional areas in a space,allowing kids to achieve the purpose of learning and amusement.

Cowboy Group, the expert of high-end preschool custom design and production customization, has committed to providing clients with a one-stop service for 20 years and providing high-quality Montessori classroom furniture, premium indoor &outdoor playground equipment for daycare centers, kindergarten, nursery, play school, K12 school, etc. Cowboy Group with a mature and strong team can offer you an excellent design solution according to your ideal design theme, project characteristics, and budget, and we deserve your trust.


Our classroom furniture collection includes: furniture set, preschool table & chair, storage cabinet, teaching easel, wooden storage bins & organizers, cribs,changing tables, room dividers, connecting panels, dramatic play furniture, play furniture, kitchen & house play, daycare kids dress-up & role play, kids sofa, bookshelf etc


Product Type Kindergarten Outdoor Playground Equipment Design
Material Solid wood, Plywood, Plastic, PVC, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass
Application International School,Kindergarten, Preschool, Daycare Center, Learning Center, Child Care Centre, Nursery School, Early Childhood Education Centre
Design Service Expert designer team help client do whole school project planning & classroom layout design.
Scientific layout, with different function corners,take full use of the space, help setting up your preschool literacy learning center,and gym area
All ages infant,toddler,preschool kids,pre-k children,6 weeks ,3 month baby,1-2 years,3-6 year,7-12 years children
Features Eco-Friendly, Children Friendly, Safety Insuranced, Creative, Customized Design
Certificates CE,TUV,GS,EN71,ISO9001,ISO18001,ISO14001
Installation 1. Offer On Site Installation Service    2. Provide Installation Instruction Drawings
Lead Time 20-35 Days
Payment Terms T/T, Cash, 30% deposit, balance be paid before shipment, after production
Warranty 1 year warranty, 2 years after sales service


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