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Cowboy is the leading manufacturer and supplier of preschool furniture, our high quality early childhood furniture, the unique preschool classroom layout, let children fall in love with the simple creativity. The creative kindergarten classroom design Move the warmth of home to the classroom, let the children fall in love with the kindergarten, the multifunctional nursery setting furniture, simulating and experiencing social role playing, preschool activity room, kitchen and bedroom, giving children all-round interactive experience, and enhancing children’s creativity artistically.

This preschool classroom design include both study area and daycare indoor playground equipment. It’s perfect for kids learning and playing.

Cowboy Early Childhood Furniture Preschool Classroom Design Daycare Furniture Supplier

Design Concept for preschool classroom layout:

The recreation space on the first floor integrates the elements of “hill and tree”, mixes play and learning together, so that children can be in close contact with nature and get educations through entertainment. The mezzanine is designed with the theme of “mini town”as the main function room, so that children can learn the knowledge of financial transactions in the game. The childcare classroom on the second floor is themed with four kinds of small animals. The “squirrel” classroom represents diligence, the “elephant” classroom represents faith, the “polar bear” classroom represents strength, and the “woodpecker” classroom represents wisdom. To avoid the stylized multi-leveled teaching, introduce natural elements to create a new narrative space, so as to guide children to explore the mysteries and learn the spirit of the nature.

The design adopts natural log materials and integrates the form of “hill and tree” to invite “nature” into the kindergarten, so that children can have close contact with nature.

First floor include: Front desk, Parent Waiting Area , Slide play equipment,Performance Area ,Cilima ,Montessori Look After the Environment(Plant Corner) ,Dining Area ,Kitchen Role Play,Story Conrner(Bilingual Learning) ,Music Zone ,Pet Corner

Mezzanine Plan(preschool classroom design): Include Reading Area ,Bookcase , Dressing Area ,Lego Play ,Climbing Wall ,Swing ,Rest Area ,Mattress-quilt Storage Cabinet .

Second Floor Plan: Parent Waiting Area ,Pathway ,Art Area ,Dancing Room and 4 classrooms for kids study.

The “Squirrel” Classroom(2-3Y): Squirrel theme is adopted in this classroom. Children in this age group are lively, sensitive, curious and like to observe.

The “Squirrel” Classroom(3-4Y): Squirrel theme is adopted in this classroom. Children in this age group like to show mastery of new skills, try new things, and listen to stories.

The “Elephant” Classroom(3-4Y): Elephant theme is adopted in this classroom. Children in this age group like to play with their peers, show mastery of new skills, try new things, and listen to stories.

The “Polar Bear” Classroom(4-5Y): Polar Bear theme is adopted in this classroom. Children aged 4-5 are more flexible and organized. Being active is a prominent characteristic of this age stage, they can master a variety of motor skills and are relatively coordinated. With continuous development of small muscles,they can construct more complex models with different materials and protect their health and safety.

Cowboy always do the preschool classroom layout design based on the educational philosophy, kids age group and client budget. We will show you preschool classroom layout templates first before you made the decision. As a leading manufacturer of early childhood furniture, Cowboy recruited a group of expert designers for the Preschool Classroom Design, is one of the most reliable Daycare Furniture Supplier in the early education supplies industry.

Our classroom furniture collection includes: daycare furniture set, preschool table & chair,preschool storage cabinet,teaching easel,wooden storage bins & organizers,cribs ,changing tables, childcare room dividers, connecting panels,dramatic play furniture,play furniture for preschool, kitchen & house play,daycare kids dress-up & role play,kids sofa,bookshelf for kindergarten, etc



Wooden Preschool Gym Climbing Activity Playground Equipment

Professional Consultant+Design Service+Product Supply+Installation Guide+After Sales Service.

Product Type Kindergarten Outdoor Playground Equipment Design
Material Solid wood, Plywood, Plastic, PVC, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass
Application International School,Kindergarten, Preschool, Daycare Center, Learning Center, Child Care Centre, Nursery School, Early Childhood Education Centre
Design Service Expert designer team help client do whole school project planning & classroom layout design.
Scientific layout, with different function corners,take full use of the space, help setting up your preschool literacy learning center,and gym area
All ages infant,toddler,preschool kids,pre-k children,6 weeks ,3 month baby,1-2 years,3-6 year,7-12 years children
Features Eco-Friendly, Children Friendly, Safety Insuranced, Creative, Customized Design
Certificates CE,TUV,GS,EN71,ISO9001,ISO18001,ISO14001
Installation 1. Offer On Site Installation Service    2. Provide Installation Instruction Drawings
Lead Time 20-35 Days
Payment Terms T/T, Cash, 30% deposit, balance be paid before shipment, after production
Warranty 1 year warranty, 2 years after sales service


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