Customized Design Indoor Playground For Childcare Center

This customized design indoor playground for the childcare center takes the natural jungle adventure journey as the design theme and the main story line to start this thematic indoor playground amusement experience. In order to create an immersive jungle adventure atmosphere, this preschool indoor playground applies the related design elements from the design theme and adopts the green and log color as the main colors. Therefore, the appearance of this entire childcare playroom design is a large-scale jungle tree house. Cowboy Group, the leading childcare playground manufacturer, deserves your trust.

Customized Design Indoor Playground For Childcare Center

This customized design indoor playground for the childcare center is custom-designed for kids aged 0-6 years old and covers an area of about 80 square meters. The preschool indoor playground uses the natural jungle theme as the design theme and adopts a coherent story line to start an amazing adventure journey. This adventure is about the children who become the little adventurers through the jungle, to the tree house, and then to the lake journey. On the way to adventure, they not only overcome many obstacles and difficulties but also exercise their bodies and get the courage to take risks.

Based on the obvious design theme and complete story line, this indoor playground is designed to be the appearance of a jungle tree house. Meanwhile, the childcare playground equipment reappears the three real situations of the jungle, tree house, and lake, so that children can have an immersive theme play experience and feel the strong jungle adventure atmosphere. In addition, the whole childcare indoor playground applies green and log colors as the main color, which is in line with the design theme and design style, and adds some other corresponding colors, like blue that represents the lake. Moreover, this preschool indoor playground extracts the elements from the indoor playground theme, for instance, trees, flowers, houses, and so on. Besides, the designers of this indoor playground are aimed at helping children enhance their spatial awareness and sense of balance, cultivating in them a sense of rules and order, and strengthening their recognition of space, speed, and distance.

Since this childcare indoor playground design is for young children, it matches with lots of corresponding childcare playground equipment. Meanwhile, this indoor playground has a sand pit, a jungle tree house platform equipment, a tree house playground that contains role-play rooms, play slides, climbing net combinations, puzzle boards, smart expansion equipment, etc. Cowboy Group, a childcare playground manufacturer, not only provides you with a product customization service but also provides you with a custom design service for childcare indoor playground design, childcare playroom design, preschool indoor playground design, daycare indoor playground design, and nursery school indoor playground design. Cowboy Group has been committed to this field for over 20 years and Cowboy Group is your best choice.

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Product Type Kindergarten Outdoor Playground Equipment Design
Material Solid wood, Plywood, Plastic, PVC, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass
Application International School,Kindergarten, Preschool, Daycare Center, Learning Center, Child Care Centre, Nursery School, Early Childhood Education Centre
Design Service Expert designer team help client do whole school project planning & classroom layout design.
Scientific layout, with different function corners,take full use of the space, help setting up your preschool literacy learning center,and gym area
All ages infant,toddler,preschool kids,pre-k children,6 weeks ,3 month baby,1-2 years,3-6 year,7-12 years children
Features Eco-Friendly, Children Friendly, Safety Insuranced, Creative, Customized Design
Certificates CE,TUV,GS,EN71,ISO9001,ISO18001,ISO14001
Installation 1. Offer On Site Installation Service    2. Provide Installation Instruction Drawings
Lead Time 20-35 Days
Payment Terms T/T, Cash, 30% deposit, balance be paid before shipment, after production
Warranty 1 year warranty, 2 years after sales service


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