Outdoor Playground Design for K12 International School, Vietnam

This school outdoor playground design is especially for a K12 international school in Vietnam and it adopts the nature theme that is popular and favorite by children as the design inspiration to create a school outdoor play area for kids with a strong natural atmosphere. Above of all, Cowboy Group, a leading school playground equipment company with a professional design team, conceives the best outdoor playground design ideas, so that kids who attend class in the K12 international school can grow, perceive, learn, and play in a scientific, and healthy environment close to nature.


Design Detail for the International School Playground Design

Based on the applicable age of the K12 school, Mooton Group applied a design layout of a large free activity space, providing children with a space for free movement to have a more comfortable and relaxed amusement experience and offering kids more possibilities to choose their activities of interest. Therefore, the K12 school playground plan layout is rather empty than other school outdoor playground design ideas. At the same time, this outdoor play area for kids uses colors from nature as the main color tune, such as green and brown, and in order to build a more vibrant outdoor environment, some bright colors are also added to make embellishments. Additionally, some design elements are integrated into the appearance design of the outdoor playground equipment, so that the school’s outdoor play area looks like a real natural environment, immersing children in a natural theme scene.

Corresponding Kindergarten Outdoor Play Equipment

This K12 international school outdoor playground contains a natural series classical outdoor playground that is equipped with plastic slides, game boards, climbing nets, music play equipment, etc, hence this natural theme playground can provide children with a variety of amusement experiences of multiple outdoor playground equipment, and improve kids children’s abilities in the field of balance, coordination, and flexibility.

At the same time, this school’s outdoor playground is also matched with some outdoor play equipment, like a starfish climbing net for outdoor playgrounds, inclusive friendly equipment, and some sports fitness equipment. This outdoor playground equipment can satisfy the physical and mental needs of kids at K12 school ages.

About Cowboy Group

Cowboy Group is a renowned Chinese manufacturer specializing in providing premium-quality preschool furniture and school playground equipment. We are proud to offer total solutions to clients who are planning to open a new preschool or childcare center or to improve school playground equipment. With our expert designers and comprehensive product range, we can assist you in designing the entire school and supply all the necessary products to create an enriching learning & playing environment for children.

Your One-Stop Solution for Tailored Outdoor Playground Equipment

Are you searching for a reliable and comprehensive solution for outdoor playground equipment for your kindergarten or primary school? Look no further! Cowboy is the leading manufacturer and one-stop solution provider for customized outdoor playground equipment tailored to meet the needs of K12 schools. At Cowboy Group, we understand that K12 international schools require outdoor play areas that promote holistic development, cultural diversity, and inclusive play experiences. Our mission is to design and produce high-quality outdoor playground equipment that sparks the imagination, encourages physical activity, fosters social interaction, and supports the multicultural environment of K12 international schools. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we provide customized design solutions that will transform your outdoor space into a dynamic and engaging play environment.

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