Mingrui·Kangbei Kindergarten in Guizhou,China

Project Address:Guizhou Province,China

Suitable Age:2-6 years old young children

Project Size:2000㎡

In Mingrui·Kangbei kindergarten, Cowboy Group is in charge of the kindergarten design and the production and manufacturing of children outdoor play equipment and nursery setting furniture.

Overview Layout

Design Concept

The kindergarten takes the natural, openness, diversity, and vitality as the design concept, and the overall outdoor play area for kids around the design concept chooses the corresponding colors which applies bright, attractive, energetic colors as the main colors, such as green, blue, log color, and other colorful combination colors. Compared to indoor playgrounds, outdoor playgrounds have their advantages including the following benefits. Firstly, the outdoor playground provides an opportunity for kids to understand and get close to nature. At the same time, kids are able to cooperate and communicate with their partners during play, which offers a variety of possibilities and fully releases kids’ nature and vitality. In addition, the functional area of outdoor play area for kids is according to the kindergarten’s curriculum requirement, the physical and mental development characteristics of kids, and the need for entertainment.The custom designed classroom which uses the Montessori method of education as the design concept, can make kids think and learn more independently and act more actively.

Outdoor Playground Function Areas

The design of entire outdoor play area for kids has nine zones,containing Playground Assembly Area,Play Area,Micro-terrain Recreation Area,Sand & Water Area,Expand Play Area, Planting Area,Outdoor Functional Room and Lounge Area.

About the Outdoor Playground Equipment of This Project

The outdoor playground equipment of three play areas in the functional area is designed, produced, and manufactured by Cowboy Group including Adventure Castle Outdoor Playground, Rainbow Candy Expansion Equipment, and Micro-terrain Amusement Equipment. The design and application of each children outdoor play equipment conforms to the design concept and theme of the whole outdoor playground and takes full account of the positive effect of the children outdoor play equipment on the child. First of all, Adventure Castle Outdoor Playground fully considers the lively and active nature of children, creating a playful, interactive, and exploratory outdoor play area for kids, at the same time, it can cultivate children’s spatial cognition ability and exercise children’s social ability during play. Secondly, the Rainbow Candy Expansion Equipment provides children with a variety of different play experiences and can help them exercise. Finally, the micro-terrain amusement equipment satisfies children’s curiosity about unknown things and enriches their cognition of natural terrain.

About Custom Designed Classroom

The Montessori method of education is suitable for applying in custom designed classroom of this project. For the design concept of this project, it is perfect to divide into multiple functional areas, which provides many kinds of choices for kids and freely choose the functional area that they want to stay. Furthermore, there are no walls separating the functional areas of the early childhood classroom, which can provide an open and free space for children. Moreover, each custom designed classroom applies wooden preschool furniture, which conforms to the natural characteristic.

The Landing Pictures of This Project

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