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The physiologic characteristics of young children determine that they are easily affected by the environment, so children need a good growth space. Preschool furniture is the main part of preschool indoor classroom and it is related to children’s daily lives.Compared with other ordinary furniture, kindergarten furniture has higher standards and requirements in terms of safety, environmental protection, and practicality. A suitable set of children’s furniture will greatly affect the growth and development of children.

So, how to choose a suitable set of children’s furniture, let’s understand together:

Part One:Safety

Every child is loved by his family, and our greatest wish is that the children can grow up healthily. When selecting children’s furniture the primary consideration factor is safety. Children are in a lively and active age group, and they are curious about all new things. Therefore, the selected furniture should have anti-collision, anti-slip and other functions to reduce accidental injuries to children during activities.

The environmental protection standards for children’s furniture may seem simple, but they are actually very strict. If you want to choose kindergarten furniture that is harmless to young children and suitable for long-term use in preschool, you need to consider more about raw materials and production processes.

The raw materials of preschool furniture are preferred to be high-quality wood, premium plastic and corrosion-resistant metal, which can avoid endangering children’s health from the source, but also improve the durability of the furniture and facilitate long-term use.

Many parents and teachers will notice the formaldehyde content of kindergarten furniture. In fact, in addition to formaldehyde, harmful substances such as paint, glue, heavy metals on furniture also need to be paid attention to. For example, the lead content in paint on wooden furniture, benzene on fabric furniture, volatile substances, etc. exceed the standard and also pose risks to children’s health.

Before purchasing kindergarten furniture, kindergartens can check the quality inspection reports of the furniture products, verify relevant information, and choose kindergarten furniture that has passed multiple safety certifications such as international ISO9001 and international ISO14001.

Young children with limited cognitive abilities and fragile minds and bodies are easily injured in furniture with corners, holes, and seams that are not properly prepared.GB28007-2011 General Technical Conditions for Children’s Furniture has a lot of obligatory provisions, and it requires that the corners of kindergarten furniture are rounded and smooth, the structure is simple and easy to use and the height and size are reasonable, so as to ensure the safe use of children from the aspects of applicability, scientificity and protection.

Part Two: Practicability

The preschool furniture should have practicability, so as to meet the children’s growth needs in different age groups. When choosing furniture, consider its functionality and expandability. For example, choosing a study table with adjustable height cannot only adjust the height as the children grow but also meet children’s study, painting, and other several demands. In addition, in order to make full use of space, you can choose furniture with storage functions to help children develop good tidying habits.

Part Three: Comfort

The comfort of kindergarten furniture is also very important. First of all, a comfortable environment can make children happy and better engaged in study and life. Secondly, qualified children’s furniture must fully consider the child’s height and usage habits.For example, the height of children’s desks and chairs should be divided into large classes, middle classes, and small classes. These height standards have strict requirements. Only when desks and chairs are at the right height can children maintain a correct sitting posture. If the desk is too high and the chair is too low, it will be particularly difficult for children to do homework. At the same time, if the desk is too low and the chair is too high, it will have a certain adverse effect on the children’s spine and is not conducive to the cultivation of correct sitting posture of children.

Another example, the kindergarten bed should be neither too hard, nor too soft, which can ensure the child’s healthy sleep and provide enough support. At the same time, the seat cushion materials of sofas, chairs and other furniture should be soft and elastic to increase children’s comfort. In addition, the same is true for other kindergarten furniture.

Part Four: Aesthetic

The design of children’s furniture should also pay attention to aesthetics. Children prefer objects with bright colors and lively patterns. Therefore, when choosing furniture, you can consider furniture designs with cute animals, cartoon characters, or colorful patterns, so that children can learn and grow in a happy atmosphere. At the same time, the color of the furniture should match the child’s gender and personality, so as to provide a space for the child to show his independent personality.

With the exchange and integration of all kinds of advanced education philosophies, the teaching functions of kindergarten furniture are getting more and more attention. Choosing the kindergarten furniture that can help children perceive their surroundings, and develop five senses is more in line with the relevant recommendations of 3-6 years old children’s learning and development guidelines. In addition to meeting the function of kindergarten furniture, the design of kindergarten furniture also needs to take into account clever and beautiful, which cannot only improve the environment and comfort of the kindergarten but also a good aesthetic education.

Part Five: Platforms and Services

Through the combination of online and offline, consumers can fully understand the brand production, warehousing, and logistics system and the overall service system, and bring a more assured purchasing experience.

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