Kindergarten Outdoor Amusement Creates Infinite Possibilities for Children

Kindergarten Outdoor Amusement

Guideline for Kindergarten Education(Trial) refers to: “Environment is the most important educational resource and the creation and utilization of environment should effectively promote the development of children.”

Improving Children's Physical Fitness and Development Level

Early Childhood is the stage of rapid physical growth and outdoor sports are more beneficial to the physical fitness development of young children and enhance their physical quality. Besides, the outdoor amusement facilities are more challenging, interactive and experiential for kids.

Outdoor amusement facilities will make use of the space to the maximum degree and utilize the combined slides, corridors, climbing nets, and other facilities so that children can challenge themselves while playing and the outdoor playground equipment becomes one of the beautiful scenes of the kindergarten landscape.

Adding Interestingness to the Kindergarten Outdoor Play Park

Children are natural fairies, and they can get inspiration from every piece of soil and every bud to explore and discover nature. In addition,the design of the children’s activity area makes full use of topographic relief to create a natural and interesting activity space for children.

Around the landscape microgeography, there are set drilling holes, slides,single-plank bridges, trampolines, rope nets, drill nets, and other outdoor playground equipment, which not only adds some entertainment and interactivity to micro-terrains but also provides more outdoor activity experiences for kids.

Cultivating Children’s Spirit of Exploration

Young children desire to explore all the unknown, and the diversified amusement devices can meet their curiosity for the external world to the maximum degree and cultivate their spirit of exploration.

The high-quality rope nets, colorful hanging ring grippers, and ladders in a simple style can cultivate children’s sense of space, providing a new perspective for kids to observe the environment. Furthermore, the hand and feet combination can promote children’s coordination ability and growing development. When the kids encounter difficult climbing net equipment,they can think independently and explore different spaces in the game.

Cultivating Children’s Cognitive Ability


Sand and water with a soft and flowing touch will bring special sensory stimulation for kids so that kids can enlighten their intelligence in playing.





Through shoveling, digging, patting, pouring, stacking the sand and other actions, kids can obtain an understanding and thinking for the form of sand, at the same time, kids can not only activate their limbs but also improve their observation and thinking.





According to the characteristics of water fluidity, buoyancy, power and so on, the river simulation is designed to achieve edutainment. Moreover, the process of play can stimulate children’s desire to explore and take the initiative to learn new knowledge.

The greatest advantage of natural education is that education focuses more on the application of children’s original tendencies and innate abilities to the natural environment. Furthermore, children release their bodies and minds in the soil, mold their temperaments in the field, and exercise their bodies in the vast outdoors, which completely integrates them into nature and gives them natural nourishment from outside to inside. Moreover,the design of outdoor ecological sense in kindergarten can make children perceive the beauty of nature, make education close to nature, and let children release their innocence.

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