Ardingly College Kindergarten Outdoor Playground

Project Address:Zhongshan province,China

Suitable Age:2-6 years old young children

The vast universe and mysterious planets can always arouse children’s infinite reverie and this preschool outdoor play area for kids is designed around the theme of interstellar exploration, so that children can feel and explore the mystery of space on campus. Moreover, the preschool outdoor play area for kids covering a large area was built in China’s Greater Bay Area – Zhongshan, and the design complements the natural environment, making it more distinctive and attractive.

Overview Layout

Design Concept

This preschool outdoor play area for kids takes interstellar exploration as its design theme, and the design of the preschool outdoor play area for kids incorporates many elements of interstellar exploration, which can be truly reflected in the children outdoor play equipment. In addition, the purpose of adopting the theme of interstellar exploration is to let early-aged children who are curious about the world, eager to contact the world and explore unknown areas can feel like walking in the galactic nebula on campus. Cowboy are committed to creating a dream journey immersed in the galaxy for kids.

The Project Background

Ardingly School in Zhongshan introduces the educational genes of Ardingly College, a top ten IB mixed school in the world, and devotes to creating a 15-year high-end private international characteristic school based in the Greater Bay Area and radiating across the country. After finishing all preparation works, the Ardingly School in Zhongshan will involve kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, and senior high school, and students can choose full-time boarding or day study. Furthermore, Ardingly College Kindergarten has officially opened in the fall of 2022.

Education Philosophy

As the first opening plate of the school, Ardingly College Kindergarten is an officially accredited IB PYP candidate school. The Kindergarten blends the advantages of Chinese and Western education and is based on the IB PYP as the core structure to make a lesson design, incorporating the six core elements to offer young children an inquiry-based meta-disciplinary learning model. At the same time, it is also supplemented with the British EYFS infant education foundation as the assessment index of children’s physical and psychological development at different ages and uses four themes of unique children, positive relationships, effective environment, and learning and growth as the guiding basis.

The Functional Areas

This preschool outdoor play area for kids consists of several functional areas, including a Planet Outdoor Playground, a Stainless Steel Slide, Climbing Net Combination Area, a Starfish Climbing Net and Rocking Horses and other children outdoor play equipment. Among them, the design of the Planet Outdoor playground is mainly combined with two white round planets, which are connected by some Climbing Nets, and then equipped with Plastic Slides and Climbing Nets to allow children to arrive on the ground. The Plastic Slide and Stainless Steel Slide allow children to experience the thrill of rapid sliding while feeling the wonderful transformation of space while climbing nets and climbing ropes can meet children’s adventure needs. In the Interstellar Themed Preschool Outdoor Playground, kids can freely travel through space, have fun and enjoy themselves.

The Landing Pictures of This Project

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