International School Indoor Playground,Mumbai

Project Address: Mumbai,India

Suitable Age: kindergarten & school age

The kids who are at the stage of kindergarten and school age are curious about the unknown and mysterious things,and they are eager to explore and discover these things. Besides, school is the best place to learn something, cultivate good habits, and exercise thinking independence. As we know, an indoor playground is an excellent place to chase, play, explore, and exercise for children of kindergarten and school age, therefore, the entire design of the international school indoor playground implements the law of somatopsychic development of children at this age.

Design Description

Mumbai International School Indoor Playground is an interstellar travel-themed park indoor playground so this international school indoor playground mainly applies blue and white, which is adapted to the space theme but in order to make the venue more passionate and energetic, we also add some orange and red. In addition, when considering the requirement of the customer and the law of somatopsychic development of children, we set up a wall of toys at the elevator entrance that can stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. Moreover, due to make full use of the constructed space, we remove the decoration, for instance,pillars and beams, and increase some toys concerning promote sensory integration, science, and life learning.

Partition Areas

The International School Indoor Playground is divided into three partition areas. The first partition area is Learning Creation Zone which enables young children to set up a mosaic wall and its function is to exercise children’s ability to learn, discover and imagine. The second partition area is Aerospace Science and Technology Area which is suitable for all ages and it contains a lot of space-themed indoor playground equipment whose effect can stimulate children’s cognitive and imagination. The third partition area is Space Expansion Area which is suitable for all ages and those types of indoor playground equipment can exercise the children’s coordinate ability and stimulate their desire to explore.

Nine Functional Areas

Mosaic puzzle wall, Nursing rest sofa, Alien UFO, Super rocket, Adventure Dock, Rope network expansion, Children’s slide, Interstellar, Rocket Ladder


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