International School Outdoor Playground, Kuwait

Project Address:Kuwait
Suitable Age:3-6 years old
Project size:813㎡
Design concept:Pirate Ship Theme Outdoor Playground Design

As we all know, every corner of the outdoor environment of the international K12 school can establish a relationship with the children, and the outdoor environment of the international K12 school is a metaphorical language, which more intuitively reflects the style and educational philosophy of the international K12 school through the shape,layout, color, facilities, etc. Therefore, the outdoor environment design of the international K12 school also plays an important educational role, subtly affecting children.

Overview Layout

Design Concept

The international school outdoor play area for kids is according to pirate ship as a design theme and its main color is blue, white, and green, which make the whole play area look more elegant, fresh dignified, and energetic.Besides, many kinds of children’s outdoor play equipment are covered and the international school outdoor play area for kids mainly consists of a Pirate Ship Theme Playground, a piece of Inclusive Friendly equipment, a Starfish Climbing Net, a Flower Swing, the Smart Extension Equipment, the Microtomographic Sense System Equipment, several Rocking Houses, and other types of children outdoor play equipment. Meanwhile, the Pirate Ship Theme Playground contains Outdoor Plastic Slide, Outdoor Climbing Net Combination, and Outdoor Rock Climbing Area. The above children’s outdoor play equipment is suitable for kids aged 3-6 years old, and it is based on the law of Children’s physical and mental development to design.

The Functional Areas

The functional areas of the International K12 School Outdoor Playground are as follows.①Explorer ship②Climbing net③Expansion &Microphone Seat④Acrylic sun shade⑤UFO turntable⑥Flower Swing⑦Micro hill⑧Climbing wall⑨Sand pool⑩Rest area⑪Rocker⑫Roller

The Rendings of This Project

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