How Should Kindergarten Classrooms be Designed?

Kindergarten is an important place for children to develop their interests, and preschool classrooms are often designed to encourage children to cooperate and learn from each other. In order to provide children with a better space for growth, nursery classrooms should avoid being too serious and rigid in design and highlight the openness and creativity of the space.

In Slovenia, Martno international school adopts a completely open floor plan, combining service spaces such as corridors and stairs with learning and play spaces to create high-quality activity spaces for children.

The interior walls of the International Preschool are all decorated with ceramic tiles, which is equivalent to adding about 700 square meters of unlimited play space. Furthermore, the activity rooms are through the mobile sliding door to make a separation, which is not only beneficial to the unfolding of children’s activities but also conducive to meeting the daily needs of children’s education.

In order to better make use of the interior space, the designers have arranged different amusement equipment and different learning environments in each classroom. Some classrooms are more science-oriented, some classrooms are equipped with music and art equipment, and some classrooms include sports equipment.

In the interior space, the multi-functional rainbow bridge is the central area of the design. On the one hand, this area can promote the child’s cognition of color and number, on the other hand, the other side of the wall is a blackboard, which can be used as a canvas for the children’s art creation.

The red slide that runs up and down the interior attracts children to play and exercise, and the children prefer to go down the slide rather than climb the stairs: On average, the children play on the slide 10 to 20 times a day, and they can play the slide either alone or in groups of two to three at a time. At the bottom of the stairs is a storage space where small items can be placed, allowing children to stay away from noisy activity areas and enjoy quiet time alone.

The corners of the interior space are not wasted, and every corner has become a play corner for children to choose freely. Most furniture is equipped with wheels, which can be effectively changed according to different space needs.

When the interior space of the international preschool is fully utilized, children will have more opportunities to choose the activities. Additionally, they can engage in activities at different time periods based on their interests.

Compared to the traditional preschool, children have more games and learning activities in the Martno international preschool. At this Martno international preschool, children have at least two to three hours a day for free activities or gatherings, which is beneficial to promote kids at different grades to communicate, make the young children and elder children have an understanding, and increase the social activities, so that they can get an improvement in the EQ and IQ.

The open-plan design of Martno Kindergarten quickly won over the children.At the same time, children enjoy various activities in preschool every day, and some children are not even willing to go home after school.

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