Good News! Two Subsidiaries of Cowboy Group Were Awarded the 2023 Professional Special New Small and Medium Enterprises Certification

Recently, Cowboy Group’s subsidiaries have passed on the good news: On December,12th,2023, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province published an “Announcement on the list of the 2023 Professional Special New SMEs and enterprises that have passed the review due in 2020” and the two subsidiaries of Cowboy Group, which contains Mucong Industry(Guangdong) Co., Ltd and Guangdong Cowboy Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd, passed the “Professional Special New SMEs” identification of Guangdong Province.

Continuous Innovation and Development and Adhering to High-quality Development

The definition of“Professional Especial New Enterprise” not only refers to enterprises with the characteristics of “specialization, refinement, peculiarity and novelty,” but also refers to the model enterprises with strong innovation, great development potential and key core technologies. The title of “professional special new enterprise” is widely regarded as the most authoritative and highest level of honorary title in the assessment of small and medium-sized enterprises.

After the strict review and evaluation of the provincial department, the two subsidiaries of Cowboy Group were successfully selected for the “ 2023 Professional Special New SMEs in Guangdong Province”, which is highly recognition for the comprehensive strength, professional degree, and development potential of Cowboy Group and marks that Cowboy Group will embark on an important new journey on the innovative development.

In the future, the Cowboy Group will continue to follow the path of specialization, refinement, innovation and innovation, adhere to the original intention and forge ahead. Besides, Cowboy Group will continuously improve the R&D and innovation, and constantly consolidate the core competitiveness, so that we cannot only provide clients with superior products and services but also contribute to the high-quality development of the unpowered amusement industry.

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