Good News丨Cowboy Group won the ”2023 Outstanding Contribution Units”for the China Tourism Association

On February 26,the Spring Festival Appreciation Banquet of the China Tourism Association was held in Beijing,and Qiang Duan,the president of the China Tourism Association, attended and made a speech. Furthermore, the vice president of the China Tourism Association Degang Wong,Yili Du, and JunYao attended the meeting, and Rungang Zhang,the vice president and secretary-general introduced important activities and service projects of the association in 2024,while the deputy secretary-general Xiaoyin She read out the list of China Tourism Association,including “Outstanding Contribution Units” and “Outstanding Individuals” in 2023. In this event, nearly a hundred people from member units and industry professionals participated.

As a friendly cooperative unit of the China Tourism Association for many years,Cowboy Group (Guangdong) Industrial Co., Ltd.actively participates in the activities of the association,cooperates with the work of the association,makes outstanding contributions to the association,and won the honor of “2023 Outstanding Contribution Unit of China Tourism Association”.

Yongdong Yang,the deputy general manager of Cowboy Group, took the stage to express his gratitude on behalf of Cowboy Group and delivered New Year greetings to the guests.

Mr. Yang said that 2023 is a year of economic recovery and a year of breaking out of the cultural tourism market.In this year,major scenic spots will reappear with crowds of people,and many cities will see “human fireworks”, which are not only consumers more enthusiastic about traveling, but also the cultural tourism industry is also developing toward diversification and innovation. Taking immersive tourism as an example, the interactive experience that spans time and space not only brings consumers a transition from “seeing the scenery” to “entering the scenery”, but also promotes the increase in the added value of the tourism industry.

As a non-powered amusement equipment manufacturing company established for 20 years, Cowboy Group has been deeply involved in the cultural and tourism industry for more than 20 years. With the creation of high-end non-powered children’s park overall solutions as its core business, it adheres to the concept of innovation to success and continuously innovates products becoming the leader in China’s non-powered amusement industry.


In the new year, Cowboy will continue to rely on its excellent product quality and professional services to gain customer recognition and lead the development of the company to a new level. With the strong support of the China Tourism Association, it will strengthen cooperation with tourism enterprises through the platform of the association, create new experiences with new culture and tourism,and guide new consumption with new scenarios.Cowboy Group will continue to explore new models of integrating unpowered amusement products with cultural tourism scenes, so as to inject new momentum into the development of China’s cultural tourism industry!

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