Early Learning Center Montessori Child Care Design,New Zealand

Suitable Age: 0-5 Years Old

Location: New Zealand

This early learning center in New Zealand is a local brand early learning center with 7 branches now and Cowboy Group is in charge of the overall design and layout and supplies all the early classroom furniture, preschool classroom wall games, and some decorations. Furthermore, this New Zealand early childcare center is a comprehensive educational service product designed for children aged 0-5 years old and integrates the Montessori Education Philosophy to create a free, orderly, and disciplined environment for children. In this daycare center, children are free to express their ideas, explore their interests, and learn and grow with their peers. Through the design scheme of the New Zealand daycare center, Cowboy provides a new idea for prospective investors of preschool schools such as kindergartens, international schools, K12 schools, kindergarten, daycare centers, etc, to customize an early education center that belongs to their ideal.

Overall Design Layout

Design Concept

The design concept of the New Zealand daycare center is based on the educational principle of “child-centered” and we firmly believe that every child is a natural learner with infinite curiosity and desire to explore, therefore, we aim to provide a fun, stimulating, and challenging learning environment where children learn through play and grow through exploration. In addition, our design focuses on developing children’s creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Through a variety of activities and practices, we encourage children to actively think and practice, and cultivate their independent learning and lifelong learning habits.

Three Kinds of Design Solutions for Early Childhood Classroom

3 Months -18 Months Classroom

For 0-1.5-year-old infants, their classroom should be designed to be warm, comfortable, and safe, while focusing on stimulating the infant’s sensory development. The 3 Months -18 Months Classroom is equipped with high-quality, green, and low-pollution wooden preschool furniture for children to protect the healthy growth of children, and also has software expansion equipment, music play equipment, etc., to provide sufficient space for infants to explore.

20 Months-3 Years Classroom

For children between 1.5 and 2 years old, their early childhood classrooms are designed to foster independence and social skills. A number of different functional areas are set up in the classroom and equipped with corresponding toddler classroom furniture and indoor playsets, encouraging children to explore freely and hands-on practice. In addition, the classroom in Montessori Child Care Design uses an open zoning approach, which can better help children build social interaction, promote interaction between children, and cultivate children’s sense of teamwork.

Montessori Childcare Classroom for 3 -5 Years Old Children

For children 3-5 years old, the classroom in the early learning center is designed to be more diverse to meet the growing learning needs of children. There are various functional areas in the early childhood classroom, such as the reading area, art creation area, role play area, etc., to provide children with a variety of choices. Through different functional areas, the development needs of children can be satisfied and toddlers can obtain the corresponding ability to improve. Moreover, the regional setting of this classroom has plenty of activity space, so that children can be more free to display their talents.

About Cowboy Group

Cowboy Group is a large-scale comprehensive preschool customized service and equipment supply company, we are dedicated to providing a one-stop solution for Early Learning Centers, Montessori Childcare Centers, K12 Schools, Nursery Schools, International Schools, Daycare Centers, Kindergarten, and other types of school and offering them high-quality childcare furniture, preschool furniture, Montessori Furniture. Cowboy Group with an expert design team, has been committed to giving clients customized solutions to setup a new early learning center.

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