Early Childhood Center in NY, USA

Project Address: New York, United States
Suitable Ages: 3 Month to 4 Years Old

According to the Reggio Emilia teaching philosophy, it pays attention to children’s free growth, and provides children with a variety of “expressive, communicative and cognitive languages” in their cognition and learning, so that children can learn actively. The overall space created is Open-ended, conducive to children’s learning cooperation and teacher’s observation.

Overview Layout

  1. Room 1——Infant 3m to 12m
  2. Room 2——Infant 3m to 12m
  3. Room 3——1 year
  4. Room 4——1 year
  5. Room 5——2 years
  6. Room 6——2 years
  7. Room 7——2 years
  8. Room 8——2 years
  9. Room 9——3 years
  10. Room 10——3 years
  11. Room 11——4 years
  12. Indoor Playground
  13. Reception Area

ROOM 1+infants+3m-12m

Room 2——Infant 3m to 12m

Room 3——1 year

Room 4——1 year

Room 5——2 years

Room 6——2 years

Room 7——2 years

Room 8——2 years

Room 9——3 years

Room 10——3 years

Room 11——4 years

Indoor Playground

Reception Area

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