Customize Indoor Playroom Design Daycare Playroom Setup,KSA

Suitable Age:0-6 Years Old

Project Address: Riyadh, KSA

This childcare indoor playroom located in Riyadh, KSA is a custom playroom design for a daycare center, and it was undertaken by Cowboy Group to be specially designed for kids aged 0-6 years old. According to the physical and mental development needs of children in this age group, this indoor playroom design is equipped with a variety of functions and corresponding indoor playground devices for indoor playroom daycare, to fully meet the demands of the activity and promote children’s growth healthily and scientifically.

Design Concept

The playroom indoor playground of this daycare center adheres to creating a safe, comfortable, natural, happy, and diverse play space for children so that they can not only learn in the daycare center and adapt to social life but also retain their natural innocence, and release their vitality and passion.This customized indoor playroom also uses tones consistent with the design theme, such as log color, green, warm yellow, etc. At the same time, some bright colors are added to embellish the entire preschool indoor playground design, making the customized indoor playground look more vibrant and in line with children’s aesthetics.

Functional Area

This customized indoor playroom is composed of several functional areas and some main equipment including the Magnetic wall, customized TV cabinet, Stem Wall Game, Climbing Wall, Wooden House With Ball Pool, Trampoline, Rainbow Swing Ball, and Kitchen Role-playing Set.

Two Play Spaces

Indoor Playroom Play Space One

Kids can play with various indoor playground equipment in this play space, attain different experiences, and stimulate their spatial and sensory integration abilities, fostering their bodies and brains to develop better.

Indoor Playroom Play Space Two

In this play space, children can enjoy quiet reading time by themselves and spend happy interactive time with their partner. Additionally, it also sets a party area for kids to have a birthday party or other related holiday parties.

About Cowboy Group

Cowboy Group is a senior customized expert with more than 20 years of experience in preschools,k12 schools, daycare centers, and childcare centers, providing them with one-stop service including design, production installation, and after-sales to create an ideal indoor playroom. We specialize in customizing and making an original design scheme according to your project site, budget, characteristics, and requirements, and assist you in finishing the childcare playroom setup. Cowboy Group, is devoted to offering you excellent designs, such as the childcare indoor playroom design, daycare playroom design, preschool playroom design, kindergarten playroom design, and nursery playroom design.

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