Cowboy Group Showcased in the NAEYC Annual Conference Expo as Promised and Further Expanded the Market of the United States

The NAEYC Annual Conference Expo held by the American Preschool Association for three days ended in a satisfactory way on 17th, November,2023. As the world’s largest international exchange platform with the highest professional level in the field of preschool education, the NAEYC Annual Conference Expo gathered a lot of early childhood educators, teachers, education industry investors, and professional manufacturing companies in the field of early childhood education industry from all around the world. Cowboy Group, as the leading company in this field, seized this opportunity to display our business and advantages, so that the clients, peer companies, investors,and education experts could get a further understanding of Cowboy Group. At the same time, Cowboy Group established a relationship with the attendees and stepped into a new level in expanding the market of the United States.  

The NAEYC Annual Conference Expo & Exhibiting Enterprises

The NAEYC Annual Conference Expo as the world-class international exchange platform with the highest professional level in the field of preschool education and the education expo with worldwide reputation for influence, attracted more than 275 exhibitors to attend this NAEYC Annual Conference Expo. Furthermore, the holder of the American Preschool Association organized a series of activities for all early childhood professionals to exchange, interact, share, and learn with each other in the expo. In addition, the NAEYC Expo not only provided the clients with a chance to conduct negotiation and cooperation with the education industry companies but also provided an opportunity for the peer companies and education experts to communicate,and learn.

Cowboy Group & Clients

At this exhibition, the Cowboy Group’s booth gathered a lot of clients from the United States to understand and consult, and the Cowboy’s sales team answered them in detail and gave them some professional and practical suggestions around the questions raised by the clients. Besides,the Cowboy Group’s sales team not only introduced the complete service process from sales, custom design, custom production, installation to after-sales service, but also showed our landing boutique cases and characteristic business for clients. In the face of the professionalism shown by the sales team of Cowboy Group, many clients who came to understand and consult had given a high degree of recognition. Meanwhile, some clients had even offered to cooperate in the future.

Cowboy Group &Education Professionals

During the exhibition, many education professionals arrived at the site, and they shared a lot of experiences about preschool management and put forward the latest requirements for the construction and design layout of the kindergarten. Cowboy Group proactively participated in the communication to attain the newest developments in the education industry, understand the industry developing trends, and record their requirements and suggestions,so as to get further improvement and provide better service for the clients.

Cowboy Group &Peer Enterprises

For those outstanding peer enterprises, Cowboy Group actively learned their advanced technology, systematic management ways, and novel design creations, while, for those enterprises coming to our booth to consult, Cowboy Group positively shared our project experiences, characteristic advantages, talent cultivating model, etc, and discussed how to solve those difficult problems appearing in the projects.

Cowboy Group & The NAEYC Annual Conference Expo

From this exhibition, Cowboy Group learned the latest industry consulting, development trends of the education industry, and industry technology, harvested a variety of suggestions from clients, and attained lots of cherished experiences from peer companies. In the future, Cowboy Group will constantly keep moving in these modified directions, and become a stronger comprehensive enterprise to provide clients with a better kindergarten design scheme, premium preschool furniture, and high-quality playgrounds equipment in the most appropriate budget.  

Cowboy Group has been committed to creating an ideal preschool for clients, and it has provided clients with a one-stop service for over two decades. Cowboy Group only offers customers excellent school furniture and playgrounds equipment. Cowboy Group, the early childhood custom experts with 20 years of experience,is worth your trust.

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