Cowboy Group Came to a Perfect Close at the 2023 GESS Dubai Education Exhibition and Conference

The GESS Dubai held by Dubai International Exhibition Company for three days achieved complete success on 1st, November,2023. During the GESS Dubai, Cowboy Croup displayed its superior overall kindergarten design layout, high-quality nursery play equipment nursery furniture sets, and business advantages, making the educators, clients, and peer companies understand Cowboy Group and deepening their recognition of Cowboy Group. At the same time, Cowboy Group has stepped to a new level in exploring the Middle East market.

The GESS as the largest and most authoritative education products exhibition in the Middle East, has attracted about 20 thousand visitors and more than 800 exhibitors and exhibition brands to participate in the expo. Therefore, this expo not only provides a chance for educational industry clients to consult and negotiate cooperation with the exhibitors but also provides an opportunity for enterprises to learn and communicate with peer companies, educational experts, educators, etc. At the same time, the GESS Dubai also organizes lots of extensive programs and awards ceremonies, and this complete event for the education industry is devoted to making every attendee get exclusive harvests.

At this exhibition, there were many clients from the Middle East coming to our booth to make a consultation. Around the questions raised by the clients, Cowboy Group’s sales team answered them in detail and gave them some professional and practical suggestions. Besides, many customers were interested in our tailor-made products and customized design service. As a professional and mature sales team, Cowboy Group’s sales team not only minutely introduced our products and design service from several dimensions, but also introduced the complete service process, business scope, business advantages, and landing boutique case, so that the clients had a deep understanding for Cowboy Group.

Due to the professional and outstanding performance in the exhibition, Cowboy Group is deeply trusted and recognized by attendees and a number of clients are inclined to cooperate with Cowboy Group in the future.

During the exhibition, many outstanding peer companies, representative educators, and influential experts in the education industry were gathering, and Cowboy Group actively seized this chance to exchange industry consulting, the latest technology and development trends and business experiences with those outstanding companies. In the meantime, Cowboy Group positively sought advice from those representative educators, and influential experts in the education industry on how to select and use educational philosophy as the kindergarten design concept, so as to present more scientific reasonable, and practical design schemes and products.

Cowboy Group is a kindergarten overall planning and design expert, offering the clients high-quality nursery furniture sets, Montessori furniture sets and premium children outdoor play equipment. Cowboy Group has committed to this area for 20 years and focuses on RD on the road. Through attending the GESS Dubai, Cowboy Group harvested a lot of advice, development direction and improvement direction to do better. In the future, Cowboy Group will constantly achieve new breakthroughs towards this developing direction and improve itself toward these modified directions, providing a better service for customers.

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