Cowboy Group Achieved a Complete Success at the BUILDEX Vancouver Expo, Helping to Further Expand the Strategic Territory of Overseas Markets

At the BUILDEX Vancouver Expo held from February 14th to 15th, 2024, Cowboy Group attended as scheduled and achieved a complete success. As the largest business-to-business forum in Western Canada and an exhibition connecting the world’s construction industry, BUILDEX Vancouver Expo attracted not only a large number of architects, construction investors, property managers, and personnel in other related fields from Canada but also exhibitors from all over the world to attend the exhibition. Through this exhibition, with the company’s latest products, ingenious designs, and mature customization technology, Cowboy Group fully demonstrated its strong corporate strength and perfect service processes to the participants, allowing participants to have a further understanding of Cowboy Group and laying the foundation for future cooperation. Besides, Cowboy Group also conducted in-depth learning and exchanges with peer enterprises in the same industry and experts in the construction industry.

The BUILDEX Vancouver Expo & Exhibiting Enterprises

The BUILDEX Vancouver Expo has attracted more than 7 thousand visitors and about 300 enterprises to participate in the expo. During the exhibition, BUILDEX Vancouver Expo held a number of large-scale activities, including seminars, keynote speeches, product demonstrations, etc., for the major construction industry practitioners, construction professionals, professional construction brand enterprises, etc., providing a unique opportunity to shop, show new products, build networks and learn about the industry. As an enterprise developing markets foreign and domestic, Cowboy Group grasped this opportunity to show its corporate strength, brand philosophy, and corporate advantages, expand the North American market, and further develop the Canadian market.

Cowboy Group and Clients

During the exhibition, many customers from Canada came to our booth to make a consultation, including the scope of services, related businesses, our products, and so on. Focusing on the questions and confusion raised by customers, members of the sales team of Cowboy Group provided detailed answers. At the same time, the sales team of Cowboy Group also introduced the company’s complete and systematic service process, landing boutique case, the latest overall design solutions and products, and superior customized equipment, so as to help customers have a more comprehensive understanding of the Cowboy Group, an expert unpowered amusement company with strong comprehensive strength in the manufacturing and overall design customization.Faced with the professionalism and high service spirit displayed by the sales team of Cowboy Group, the clients who came for consultation gave high recognition. At the same time, many customers have extended an olive branch to the Cowboy Group for cooperation.

Cowboy Group and Peer Enterprises

At this exhibition, a lot of outstanding peer companies were gathering, and Cowboy Group which is a company with foresight and sharp perception actively conducted deep communication and learning with peer companies, knowing the current industry trends, the future industry development trends, and the advantages and disadvantages of Cowboy Group. For those excellent companies, Cowboy Group positively studies their advantages and supplements their disadvantages, attaining the constantly developing power and promoting the company stepping forward. However, for those companies who study for Cowboy Group, Cowboy Group constructively shared the successful and useful industry experiences with them and discussed the development trends of the industry, so as to achieve mutual development.

About Cowboy Group

Cowboy Group has been committed to creating an ideal preschool for clients, and it has provided clients with a one-stop service for over two decades. Cowboy Group only offers customers excellent school furniture and playground equipment. Cowboy Group, the early childhood custom experts with 20 years of experience, is worth your trust. In the future, Cowboy Group will constantly keep moving and become a stronger comprehensive enterprise to provide clients with a better kindergarten design scheme, premium preschool furniture, and high-quality playground equipment in the most appropriate budget.

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