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The unpowered amusement equipment is applied to numerous of China’s amusement parks for its characteristics including high safety coefficient, long service life, low maintenance cost, etc. However, the development of unpowered amusement equipment in China was not easy. Until the 1980s,China began to establish some relevant industry associations, and some manufacturers and individual workshops appeared, and they went abroad to learn advanced manufacturing technology and production models.

Before 20 years ago, Cowboy Group was one of the individual workshops, and now it having become the leader of the unpowered amusement industry, which is the outcome that Cowboy Group staff insisted on their duty and overcame the difficulties over the two decades.Cowboy Group takes the “Make the World More Happier” as the enterprise tenet and all accessories have to pass the strength test, wear resistance test, corrosion resistance test, accuracy test, contact test, and more than a dozen professional tests, so as to ensure the safety of the equipment.Cowboy Group always uses professional technology and a refined attitude to do well in every implementation of the amusement park and protect the childhood’s happiness and phantasm of each child.

Watch Prompt

This episode of the Road of Ingenuity–To be the Leader of Unpowered Amusement Industry will broadcast at GMT+8 9:41,5th,January,2024.

Please watch this programme on the Old Story Channel on time!

Broadcast Time

2024/01/05  09:41  17:41 GMT+8


2024/01/06  06:41  13:41  21:41 GMT+8

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