“A Ray Of Light, A Lasting Hope”–A Letter of Thanks From the Village Committee of Huayang New Village to Cowboy Group

At the beginning of this year, Cowboy Group received a letter of thanks from the village committee of Huayang New Village, Huayang Town, Wuhua Country, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province,China, expressing sincere thanks to Cowboy Group and the National University of Malaysia Village Dreamland Project Spark Team because they jointly donated unpowered amusement facilities and equipment. In addition, the village committee also showed that the benefits brought by these unpowered amusement facilities and equipment conveyed praise and affirmation.

In this letter, the village committee of Huayang New Village delivered the good news that the unpowered amusement facilities and equipment project jointly donated by Cowboy Group and the National University of Malaysia Village Dreamland Project Spark Team has successfully completed and expressed its gratitude to the Cowboy Group for its support in all aspect during the completion of this project. Furthermore, the village committee of Huayang New Village conveyed that the project has brought future hope for left-behind children and added some colorful colors to their left-behind lives. Moreover, the letter showed high praise and affirmation for Cowboy Group’s enterprise responsibilities and love.

When Cowboy Group received this letter of thanks knowing the unpowered amusement facilities and equipment project successfully landed, Cowboy Group felt happy that it could bring a childhood with hope and happiness for these left-behind children by its strength. However, the Cowboy Group knows that there is a long way to go to bring hope to every left-behind children. Although the future road is difficult to go ahead, Cowboy Group as an enterprise with a sense of social responsibilities and a sense of mission will unswervingly fulfill its own social responsibilities and help every child have a wonderful childhood.

Since Cowboy Group was established in 2003, it has always been based on the enterprise vision“Becoming the Cowboy of the world” and the enterprise tenet “Making the world happier” to run a business. During these years, Cowboy Group paid attention to social dynamics all the time, actively understood social consultations, and positively participated in public welfare projects. Nowadays, Cowboy has taken part in many public welfare projects, and the project of the letter of thanks is one of the public welfare projects that Cowboy Group has enrolled. In the future, Cowboy Group will continue to move forward with society and public welfare undertakings.

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